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Here’s Why We’re All Obsessed With Men Who Wear Rings

Your friends and you all have different “types” of guys you are into, but if there is one thing you can all agree on, it’s that guys who wear rings just hit different. Let’s delve into why that is...

Source: Pinterest

The other night, I was sitting on my couch casually enjoying a pint of vegan ice cream (because what 20-something-female doesn’t have gut issues) scrolling aimlessly on TikTok, as one does when they live alone and have no self-control. And if you aren’t living under a rock then you will know what I am talking about when I say both the internet and the entire female-identifying population is obsessed with guys who wear rings.

Now, I am not here to just tell you how men that wear rings or any type of jewelry, or paint their fingernails, or have tattoos, or bleach their hair, or dress like an old British woman...are indeed HOT. I know, you know. I mean hello Harry Styles, Thomas Doherty, Nico Hiraga, Brooklyn Beckham, Evan Mock, Pete Davidson...the list goes on.

In most early 2000s movies, the main male character usually played a sport, wore jeans and a plain t-shirt, and unfortunately thought wearing wristbands made them a hot shot. They also usually exuded an air of what we today call toxic masculinity, aka their dad wanted them to be a successful college athlete but they actually wanted to go write poetry off in some brick building with ivy growing on it. The idea was that they couldn’t do or be both.

So what changed? Why do guys today feel more comfortable embracing their feminine side through their physical aesthetic? And why is it so much more attractive both in the media and IRL?

All signs point to a societal shift in how Gen-Z views femininity and masculinity. The truth is there is no one or the other. In fact, you can embrace both in whatever way you choose.

Men, no matter how they identify or who they choose to take home with on a Friday night, are opting to express their femininity through their physical appearance. And their openness and willingness to reject the stereotypical societal beliefs of masculinity, is frankly sexy as hell.

So to all the guys out there...wear those rings, paint your nails, and throw on that thrifted fit. Keep embracing your feminine side, because the world can’t handle any more toxic masculinity.


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