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Hayley Orrantia on Music, The Goldbergs, and the Future

After playing Erica Goldberg in the acclaimed NBC series, Hayley Orrantia is focused on her music, beginning with her latest single "Open Your Mouth."

From being a part of the X Factor girl group organized by Paula Abdul (Lakoda Rayne), to playing Erica Goldberg in the acclaimed NBC series "The Goldbergs," Hayle Orrantia is now focusing on her music. She speaks to MUD about her new single, "Open Your Mouth."
Photo: Brett Erickson

What has been your favorite memory while being on the set of “The Goldbergs” for 9 consecutive seasons and why?

It’s hard to pin point one memory after working together for almost a decade, but one that I continually go back to is filming in the William Penn gymnasium during the Dirty Dancing episode. It was the entire main cast, as well as the JTP and other friends of Erica’s from school at the dance. Not only was filming this homage really special, but the downtime between takes we had such a blast working together. We were making each other laugh, playing Cards Against Humanity and I remember it being such a joyful day despite working late into the night. It’s moments like that where we are reminded how amazing this job is that we get to play for a living.

How did you get into character as Erica Goldberg, and what it's like to play a young adult in the 80s?

It’s very easy to get into character with Erica, especially after this long. I have put so much of myself into her that it feels seamless now. I just have to play up the sassier, dry humor side of myself more. Playing in the 80s has been super fun and I do miss the days when our character physically looked more like the era with the big hair and colorful makeup. There’s something really lovely about living part time in a world where social media didn’t exist, too.

Who is someone in the cast that truly inspires you when it comes to acting? Who has become a friend for life?

I really admire Sean Giambrone as an actor. I’ve been lucky enough to watch him work from as young as 13 years old and to see him now at 22, I am just as in awe of him as day one. He is so naturally talented and can tap into the heart of a scene in a way few can. He’s willing to go there emotionally, but he balances it so well with this phenomenal comedic timing that this role could not have been made for anyone else.

I would say Sam Lerner and I became very close over the years having our characters start as friends and now being married. When we are on set we are attached at the hip, constantly making each other laugh & doing coffee runs. He’s my buddy and I have such an amazing time working with him.

You have a new single “Open your Mouth” coming out today! What's the inspiration behind this unique project?

I wrote this song with my friends Kalie Shorr & Simon Reid out in Nashville about 3 years ago. Kalie came to the write after ha