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Haskiri Velazquez Talks Season Two of Saved by the Bell

NBC Peacock proves it does reboots right with season two of the popular 90’s sitcom Saved by the Bell.

Haskiri Velazquez stars as Daisy in the reboot of the 90's classic, Saved by the Bell. Season 2 is now available on Peacock.
Credit: Casey Durkin/PEACOCK

Haskiri Velazquez returns to play Daisy Jiménez, an unapologetic leader and an advocate for justice - someone that we all need in our own lives. Luckily, Velazquez shares many of the same outgoing qualities which are setting her up for a bright acting career.

While the Washington Heights native grew up with classic sitcoms and television shows, she acknowledges that while entertaining, they didn’t really represent her own identity and actually portrayed her Latina culture in a negative light. Luckily, with the prevalence of reeboots, new stories can be reframed from a more inclusive perspective.

“Reboots are definitely fun features which can draw in both new audiences, and fans of the classic show. However, the reboot has to show the change that is going on in today’s world," said Haskiri.

Through Velazquez’s own acting she hopes to contribute to change while setting a new standard for inclusivity.

“I want to have my own production company one day and create and write stories that are real and authentic and give a voice to those who don’t have one," said Haskiri.

Velazquez portrays that authenticity through her roles and characters. From a more diverse cast, to a plot about real life problems in the school system, the Saved by the Bell reboot is definitely making strides to portray the experiences of all groups.

Through the character of Daisy, Velazquez is able to actually relive high school (I know, a nightmare for most of us) through a completely different perspective.