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Hannah Jarrah Introduces You to Wholesome Living

Interview by Celia Zevon

20-year-old California native Hannah Jarrah always had an interest in cultivating a healthy lifestyle. After graduating high school, she took a shot at her first Instagram brand focused around health and wellness.

“[First Insta Account] was called the wholesome food spot, I think I had 200 followers on there. But I just never was confident enough to talk about my passions with health and wellness on my actual Instagram," Hannah said.

Nearly a year later, Hannah has garnered over 90k followers on Instagram, and over half a million on TikTok. Her platform is a huge reminder that cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself is not only possible, but worth it.

“After I made that account I got a lot of interest in it just from, again, the 200 followers I had. So then I started posting on my regular Instagram. I didn’t start gaining a following until I posted on TikTok,” Hannah said.

On her regular feed you can expect to see posts of delicious recipes that go from avocado toast and smoothies to veggie bowls and pasta. Even if you’re new to cooking nutritious recipes, Hannah’s presence is warm and welcoming, helping her followers fully embrace wholesome living.

“I talk about all things from loving your body to adapting to a more plant-based lifestyle in regards to diet. I advocate for food freedom and not restricting [yourself] when it comes to food,” Hannah explained.

It’s clear that she has always expressed the value in feeding your body what it needs and wants, a concept that can often get lost in social media.

All it takes is a follow to know that Hannah is making the most of the digital experience. While becoming an internet personality can have its up and downs, she’s fully aware of the range that her skills and knowledge can offer those seeking to live healthily.

When asked about her goals, she says, “Something I am trying to be more mindful of is trusting the entire process. Trusting that where I am at right now is where I am supposed to be and the right opportunities and right people will fall into my path. I’m also really trying to get more into YouTube this year.”

With her recipes, workouts, motivation playlists, affirmations, and inspiring words of wisdom, Hannah continues to inspire her 500k+ followers to live their happiest and healthiest life with her.

“The best advice I think I could give would be to find your 'why.' Figure out if your interest in pursuing a healthier lifestyle is coming from a place of you not liking yourself or liking the way you look, or is it coming from a place of loving yourself and putting in the work to love yourself as much as you possibly can.”

Follow Hannah on Instagram: @wholesomee.han & TikTok: @han.jarr


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