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Gucci x The North Face Collab: Cool or Nah

As unlikely of a duo as they are, Gucci and The North Face have dropped a collab this month.

The brands teased their collab back in September of 2020, and released the campaign video December 22, 2020, one month before the collection would be available online for purchase.

To no surprise the promo video was extremely cheesy. Because who doesn’t bring their $2,000 Gucci Jackie bag with them on a hike?

I think the most realistic part of the video is the look of confusion on the girls face trying to pitch the tent, because that is the exact reaction I have for this collaboration.

I'm unsure if The North Face, known for its outerwear, will be able to revamp its very outdated vibe. When I think of North Face, I think of my light pink North Face fleece jacket I wore every day of second grade. I paired them with my light pink off brand Ugg boots (my mom said I would get real ones when I stopped growing). A true baddie in the making, if you ask me.

I think the outdated vibe of The North Face is hard for most of Gen Z to shake off. One can only hope this Gucci collaboration is able to give The North Face the new face it needs (LOL).

With Gucci and The North Face being such differing brands with opposite audiences and vibes overall, I personally don’t think this collaboration will be the success they are hoping for.

Within this collab, there are a number of clothing and outerwear items in true North Face fashion modernized with the Gucci logo and Gucci patterns. For instance, the collection features a North Face long puffer jacket with Gucci's signature florals covering the coat's every inch.

Gucci's florals x The North Face's puffer coat.

However, the combined logo created for this collection is pleasing to the eye. It consists of The North Face logo with a continuation of the three rounded lines on which the Gucci logo is placed with the brand’s colors on that part of the lines.

These Gucci x The North Face hiking boots are pretty dope.

The collab features some decent pieces like the hiking boots pictured above with the official Gucci x The North Face logo all over them.

Other than these few pieces, the collection looks just as thrown together as one might expect from such opposite brands collaborating.

It has been noted that The North Face garments are inspired after its former collections from the 1970’s. The overall look of the collection does give off this vintage vibe, yet I’m not sure it’s the right one.

They really took the phrase "fit go crazy" and ran with it...

Kitten heels, a midaxi skirt, and a North Face coat...

In my opinion, this collection is frumpy and poorly designed, and just not needed right now, like honestly who was asking for this? It looks as if The North Face added the brands' collab logo onto everything they've ever sold and called it a day.

I think both brands, with as high a standing in the industry as they each hold, could have done a much better job. The brands had the opportunity to drop a different type of newly designed jacket or outerwear. That surely would have been much more interesting to look at than the same old Gucci and North Face designs we've all seen before.

According To Gucci’s website, the limited selection has been available online since Friday, January 22nd.

So if you’re interested in making a hiking trip luxury, shop this collection.


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