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Get Used to Seeing Shay Rudolph Everywhere

Shay stars in "The Baby-Sitters Club," which has been transformed into a modernized TV adaptation by Netflix.

Photography: Emily Sandifer

The show, which premiered July 3, is based on the beloved novels by Ann M. Martin. It follows five young girls in a Connecticut town as they navigate life, middle school, family, and start their own babysitting business.

We sat down with Shay Rudolph, who plays Stacey McGill–the club's treasurer and fashionista–to learn more about the show, her character, and her journey into acting.

J: Can you describe the show and your character to someone who has never seen it before?

SR: The Baby-Sitters Club is a show about a bunch of young girls who are basically just navigating the middle school world. It’s all about their friendships as they grow as people and as girls and friends, and they become young entrepreneurs and start their own babysitting business.

Stacey is very chic, fashionable and smart. She’s formally from New York City, and she's really good at math, that’s why she is the club’s treasurer, and she cares about her friends more than anything in the world. Although she does also really care about fashion and boys.

J: What drew you to a career in acting?

SR: I had done a lot of musical theater in elementary school, just like local plays at my school and stuff like that, so I guess that was really my first taste of acting and performing. From there I started taking local acting classes and I eventually worked up to getting an agent.

The main thing that drew me to acting was being able to put myself in other people’s shoes, and being able to transform myself into all of t