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Fuck Your Zodiac Sign, It’s All About Your Hogwarts House

If I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, the fuck makes you think I’m gonna remember my zodiac?

Here’s the deal with zodiacs…

I’ll say it for the people in the back, unless you’re a hardcore astrology buff (or just have too much time on your hands) no one gives a fuck about your zodiac sign. 

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I don’t think zodiac signs hold no merit, they’re actually pretty cool. 

It’s awesome to know what the universe says about you, based on where the planets and stars were at the exact moment of your birth (there’s got to be some witchy aspect to it, I mean it’s the universe we’re talking about!). That being said, mainstream media makes it seem like your zodiac sign is just about your sun sign, and it’s not (Note: Your sun/rising sign is the one that comes up when you google your birthday). In order for you to get an accurate portrayal of your personality, you need to do an astrological natal chart. 

As a brief overview, a natal chart will tell you about your sun sign, your moon sign, the constellations in your other houses, and on, and on, and on. 

Feel lost? My point exactly!

You need ALL these things to really read a person, but all we ever do is give them our sun sign — which again, isn’t much if you don’t know the rest. The average person is more likely to have basic Hogwarts house knowledge than basic information on every zodiac sign.

And let's not forget the fact that there are so. Damn. Many.