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Fashion Industries Response To Animal Welfare And Climate Change

Could big name brands who pledge to move towards sustainable clothing and manufacturing be the beginning of change for the fashion industries climate change and exploitation problem?

PC: Unsplash

We can only hope that brands like Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga are not just creating sustainable items for their companies to be “trendy.”

High fashion brands are at the forefront of sustainability because their impact can reach a wider audience, so their claims of moving towards cleaner and humane options for creating and distributing their items—again, we hope—will not be empty promises.

Activities like thrift shopping is now the societal norm among Generation Z, which is supposed to be one of the ways to help make the world greener and fight the effects of climate change.

Could that mean fashion brands are simply just trying to bank on this generations desire to see environmental change?

Possibly—so we must make sure these high fashion brands are not acting “woke” for the same of their image and doing so because they want to see change in the world.