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Europe Does it Better: Streetwear Edition

European culture has influenced fashion for over a century. Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind walking the streets of Paris or Milan wearing the latest styles.

Each country in Europe does streetwear differently, and has their own style and fashion trends. However, one thing they do have in common is that everyone dresses to impress at all times.

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

European streetwear screams high fashion and good quality fabrics. The monochrome look on the left includes some of the biggest trends in streetwear today.

Taken in Paris, the man in the emerald green outfit wears a turtleneck tucked into trousers with folds at the top and taper at the bottom. He accessorizes with a chunky chain necklace and a coin purse attached to a string of pearls. Finished with black sunglasses, a patterned scarf through his belt loops, a black umbrella, gray and blue platform shoes, and finally a blue and green mask.

Let’s state the obvious: the accessories add so much dimension to this solid outfit. Imagine if he had just worn the turtleneck tucked into the trousers with boring sneakers. It would be a monochrome look and slightly boring.

In looking at Parisian streetwear, it is clear that Parisian culture places an emphasis on accessories and tailored pieces.

Photographed by Style Du Monde

Layering also plays a key role in Parisian streetwear and culture. It adds dimension and different textures come together to create a new look. Adding new elements to each outfit and demonstrating the different ways pieces can be worn.

Note to self: when walking the streets of Paris wear layers and lots of accessories.

These looks seem simple. But the more I look, the more I see another layer or different texture. Using basic everyday items to create high fashion looks is a talent that I would say the citizens of Paris have mastered.

Italy's take on streetwear is up for some competition with Paris.

Italian culture is somewhat relaxed and carefree, with an element of sophistication and flare.

Photographed by Thomas Razzano

I’ve noticed that Italian streetwear consists of little to no patterns, lots of blazers, and complimentary colors. This photo is both casual and sophisticated, an element of Italian culture that just makes sense.

Blazers make any outfit more formal. Both women are wearing sandals, showing us the carefree and laid-back element, while the blazer elevates the look to include that sophisticated element we have come to expect from Italian streetwear.

Photographed by Thomas Razzano

This next look has the same effect. A patterned dress with a pair of Chuck Taylor’s left unlaced, giving me ‘model off duty’ vibes.

Photographed by Thomas Razzano

The two colors compliment one another beautifully. Pairing a lilac trench coat over an azure blazer and pant suit is next level. It is tailored and sleek while still being fun and new.

However, not everyone in Italy dresses in blazers, pantsuits, and bright colors. I asked my cousin who lives in Italy what her take on fashion is.

“In Northern Italy, citizens follow trends more closely. They have fashion influencers that set the tone for fashion in large cities. One influencer in particular is Chiara Ferragni, an Italian Entrepreneur and fashion blogger that lots of people take inspiration from. Smaller cities and towns in Southern Italy are different. We don’t have influencers setting the tone for which new trends are more popular and people focus on comfort and style rather than trends and high fashion looks.”

I found this interesting because of how different street style can be in different parts of the same country, in addition to the impact influencers have on dictating what others wear.

Looking at Italian culture for its relaxed style is crucial when looking at Italian streetwear. They want to be comfortable, while still wearing cool pieces.

There are fewer accessories compared to that of Paris streetwear, however, Italian street style makes up for a few accessories with bold outfits.

Overall, European streetwear inspired me to boost my style while spicing up my wardrobe.


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