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Euphoria Characters Tell Their Stories Through Fashion

**(Disclaimer: contains spoilers)**

Each character in Euphoria is different, but what remains the same is their ability to express themselves through their wardrobe.


With one simple look at the show’s characters, you’ll notice they don’t dress like typical high schoolers. But, for the first time, the unrealistic high schooler look is cool.

Featuring teenagers with dramatic eye makeup looks and glitter tear streaks on their faces, Euphoria embraces originality.

Not only does each character have a different vibe and aura going on, but their makeup and wardrobes enhance their personalities and represent who they are in different ways.

Rue struggles with drug addiction and is seen wearing loungewear like sweats and tee-shirts. This represents both her lack of motivation and seeking of comfort, metaphorically and literally.

Her style may seem simple but there is much more complexity behind her oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Although, her wardrobe does begin to change as she starts a relationship with Jules. She begins wearing crop tops as Jules replaces the comfort she’s been looking for.


Kat embodies a much more relatable, and common, rebellious high school student. Her confidence and self acceptance radiates through her bold, grungy, and edgy style. Kat is seen wearing thick chokers, leather corsets, and leather mini skirts.

Kat’s color palette consists of bold, strong colors like black, red and blue. Her hairstyle is also a blunt black bob, representing a power of confidence. Kat’s makeup is also bold and edgy.

Although Kat self-identifies as fat she is in no way the DUFF, (designated ugly fat friend.) Her weight is not the main focus of her story and she does not let this define her.

Kat’s transformation from girl next door to a daring leather-wearing queen teaches us that in order to feel confident you must wear what makes you happy. Sometimes a wardrobe update is necessary to find that inner happiness.

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Maddy’s character is very confident as well. However, her style is more unique than her peers. Maddy is often pictured wearing two-piece matching sets, and dramatic eye makeup looks.

Maddy usually wears deep shades of blue, silver, and black. She occasionally is seen wearing different colors like lavender, a common one, and pastels.

Maddy’s character development is portrayed through her wardrobe as we learn more about her toxic relationship with her boyfriend, Nate. Her outfits switch from sweet and subtle girlfriend material to fierce badass.

She must be the center of attention which is evident with her bold prints and cut-out outfits. Even when she is forced to be uniform during cheer she finds a way to stand out by wearing dramatic eye makeup.

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Jules is a supportive and quirky character who loves Anime and is a friend to Rue. Her outfits consist of patterned tennis skirts, layered tee shirts, and, of course, her colorful hair.

Jules’ outfits correspond with her character development throughout the series. As she begins to empower herself and develop within her own personal growth she strays away from a “girly” feminine style and begins wearing pants to represent her progress as a stronger character . She has no problem with pushing the boundaries with her style, which is a direct correlation to her character.

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With the complexity of each character’s story in Euphoria, their wardrobes help us to understand them a little better, and of course are pleasing to the eye as well.


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