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Eris Baker Shares Her Favorite Moments from "This is Us"

As we approach the sixth and final season of "This is Us," Eris Baker shares some of her most memorable moments on set, and opens up about her Disney days.

As we approach the sixth and final season of "This is Us," Eris Baker shares some of her most memorable moments on set, and opens up about her Disney days.
Photo: Brett Erickson

You are starring in the sixth and final season of the award-winning series “This Is Us." What has it been like being a part of such an amazing project since 2016? What has been your all-time favorite moment on set?

I just feel very blessed. To work with people I respect and love. It feels great to be a part of something so special to not only me but everyone who watches the show as well. I have a lot of favorite moments because we have way too much fun on set. But if I can just pick 1 out of 50 I’d say the time we were singing Aretha Franklin and the whole set was singing. Nobody could sing and then it was time to hit a high note and we’re all looking around for someone to do it. I was like “I got it” and It sucked of course but we were laughing for like 10 minutes.

You were recently nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Performance By A Youth. What was your reaction?

I woke up to some texts from my publicists. I was scared at first lol I was like “uh oh what I do?”. But when I read the texts I started screaming. I didn’t even believe what I was reading. I ran to my mom’s office and she’s in a meeting so she’s like communicating with me via text. It was crazy I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or run a marathon. My mom eventually came out of the meeting and we just couldn’t believe it. I actually texted Lyric so fast and I was like ‘WAKE UP.” Called her and screamed some more. It was my first time being nominated individually and I’m honored to be recognized by my own community. That means the world.

Fans will also remember you from Disney Channel's "K.C. Undercover." How was the role of Diane different from roles you have had before? What was it like meeting Zendaya?

Diane was fun she was a very positive character. I was young when I got the chance to play her so I’m pretty sure I was living my best life. I actually wasn’t in any scenes with Zendaya but when I met her she was very sweet. Probably scared her cause I was a huge annoying fan

How has your life changed from a normal teenager to the busy life of an up-and-coming actress? What advice would you give to young actors that are just starting in this industry?

It's weird cause I wouldn’t say I’m not a normal teenager. I still go to school and do all the stereotypical teenage stuff. I would say my career changed and with that changed the mindset I want to have. I’m not worried about sacrificing some social activities if that means I get to work on my craft and start to accomplish things that some people would think is crazy for my age. Best advice I could say is make sure you are passionate. When people have jobs but don’t have a passion for it, they hit road blocks and instantly give up. And go to the next thing. But people who are passionate about the career they want are going to hit a few road blocks, and keep going. Maybe get rejected a few times, but only work harder because they know that God didn’t give them a passion this strong for no reason. I think when you're passionate for something the majority of the time, you cannot lose.

You are a fashion icon and love to express yourself through your style. How would you describe your favorite looks and do you have a favorite designer?

I don’t think I have a favorite look but recently I love leather and any type of knit. I love shopping for vintage pieces cause they don’t make it like that anymore- things you can’t find at the mall. DTLA has a lot of designers that I love who make pieces that are unique to them, something different.

What is your process when auditioning for a new role?

Research is always key for me. Especially if I’m unsure about something or need inspiration. A lot of scripts I get, I can relate to a characters emotions so I would pour that same emotion I was feeling into that scene. It’s sometimes easier to express myself through characters than expressing it through myself. Literally free therapy. I love to practice in the mirror as well- make sure I like what I see.

What is one fun fact your fans may not know about you?

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 7 years now and I have always had a love for Italy and cannot wait to visit one day.


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