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Engagement Rings Before Diploma?

A checklist you really should follow before popping the question, or saying yes!

My boyfriend proposed during quarantine and we got engaged with a ring pop.
Photo: Reddit

1. A Credit Score

For the love of diamonds, if you don’t have a credit score, or are still using your mom or dad’s credit card, how are you supposed to buy her a ring?

2. Have a Job

Are you able to balance work and school? Are you making some sort of income to possibly support each other?

3. Can Cook for Yourself

Hey don't get me wrong, mom’s home cooked meals are SUPERIOR...butttt you should at least know how to use a grill before you get engaged to your gf or bf.

4. Have some sort of plan after graduation

Grad school? Straight to work? Stay-at-home mom or dad? Whatever your plan is, please just have something to do besides just thinking “whatever happens, happens”

5. Know how to do your own laundry

Damn, all I have to say is good luck to your fiancé if you don't know lol

6. Ready to be with one person forever

I mean I think this is the whole point of being engaged? But if you want to throw in one day that you miss the hookup and party lifestyle? Why are you proposing to one girl or boy? If you aren’t ready to stay committed?

7. You can legally buy alcohol

It just seems like an adult privilege to be able to buy a bottle on wine: if you can't buy some alcohol then you may be too young to be engaged already. You also might need it to survive marriage for that long...idk

8. You’ve dated for more than a year, AT LEAST

No, three months isn’t enough time to know that you want to marry this person. Whatever you think you feel, it isn’t’s lust. Please stop thinking you found your soulmate every time you date a different girl or guy for longer than 6 months.

9. You’ve showered this week

A proper personal hygiene schedule is really needed before you guys get engaged and start living together.

10. You’ve eaten something other than hot pockets and vodka

You aren’t ready to pop that question if you don’t see anything wrong with that statement.

11. You have talked about getting engaged

It’s just awkward to propose so young if you don't even know if they will say yes!

12. You don’t care about the attention

If you just want a rock on your finger to take pics and show off to Ashley in Kappa Kappa that you have a fiancé first, just stop.


If you have said yes to 8 of my 12 requirements, then congratulations guys! Enjoy your life just the way you guys want to and please live happily ever after.

If you have said no to more than 6 of these, for the love of yourself and your significant other, just wait until you graduate and live life more before getting down on one knee. It would really do the relationship some good.


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