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Engagement Rings Before Diploma?

A checklist you really should follow before popping the question, or saying yes!

My boyfriend proposed during quarantine and we got engaged with a ring pop.
Photo: Reddit

1. A Credit Score

For the love of diamonds, if you don’t have a credit score, or are still using your mom or dad’s credit card, how are you supposed to buy her a ring?

2. Have a Job

Are you able to balance work and school? Are you making some sort of income to possibly support each other?

3. Can Cook for Yourself

Hey don't get me wrong, mom’s home cooked meals are SUPERIOR...butttt you should at least know how to use a grill before you get engaged to your gf or bf.

4. Have some sort of plan after graduation

Grad school? Straight to work? Stay-at-home mom or dad? Whatever your plan is, please just have something to do besides just thinking “whatever happens, happens”

5. Know how to do your own laundry

Damn, all I have to say is good luck to your fiancé if you don't know lol