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Embracing Main Character Energy: NYC Edition

No summer in the city is complete without delicious food, boozy drinks, best friends, and hot dates. Come along with me as I embrace my main character energy in New York City, so you can too.

Source: Josie Bryan

Having recently moved to New York City this summer, I can confidently say I am welcoming every bit of the city’s chaotic energy. Everyday in NYC is a new adventure and with that comes the best kind of spontaneity. Turn on your favorite pump-up playlist and channel all your main character energy while I take you on a play-by-play in my life as a 22 year old in the city that never sleeps.

11:30 AM - Slowly wake up after another late night with friends to the pigeon tapping on my window and the sounds of a siren whaling down the street. Slip on my go-to outfit of Levi dad jeans and a cropped tank top with my worn in Vejas. Jewelry is ALWAYS a must and I’m a big fan of mixing metals. Of course, I can’t forget my fav black sunnies and tote bag with all the essentials: keys, wallet, phone, MetroCard, chapstick, and water because we all know it’s important to stay hydrated to survive the summer heat.

1:00 PM - Meander along the streets of Lower Manhattan with my friends to Ruby’s Cafe in Nolita for mimosas, spritz, coffee, and good food. We love a brunch where everyone orders at least two different drinks of choice. Cute pics are also a must to capture the moment.

2:30 PM - After a long and lovely brunch full of laughter and quality conversations, it’s time to pop over to Soho to Saturdays NYC for the best chai you will ever drink. I suggest trying it with oat milk especially if you are living that dairy-free life like myself.

3:00 PM - From Soho, my friends and I walk to Washington Square Park, because there is no better time than the afternoon to watch people. One of the best parts of living in NYC is the diversity of people, moving in a hundred different directions, each with their own style, interests, and desires.

4:00 PM - It’s never too late in the afternoon to do a little shopping, and we love an aesthetically pleasing independent shop. We head to Abbode in Soho and Coming Soon in the Lower East Side. Trust me, you will absolutely fall in love with their vintage modern eccentric vibes. Next is Mast Books in the East Village, a book and art lover's dream.

5:00 PM - Time to change into my night out on the town look, which is usually just a little more sultry version of my first look. My main character fit is definitely a tight black top, loose fitting jeans, and my staple: Doc Martens. A hype get ready playlist is extremely essential. Find me dancing in my living room to Tungs by The Frights, Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, and Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.

6:00 PM - Head to happy hour with my friends for a refreshing cocktail and shareable apps. I suggest Westville which has multiple locations around the city and offers home-cooked inspired food in addition to a great selection of boozy drinks.

8:00 PM - After a little pre-game with the besties, I head to my date. Meeting new people is all a part of moving to a new city, and it’s impossible to deny we all need a little more lust in our lives. I recommend Jackdaw in the East Village or Ampersand in Greenwich. Both have a good selection of drinks and the perfect date ambience.

Like I said, everyday in NYC is different, but it’s important to approach each day with confidence and do your best to live in the moment. Just remember you are the protagonist of your own life, and this summer is all about having fun before it's over and we transition back to our fall wardrobes and hot drink orders.


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