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Embrace Your Basic

Being basic nowadays usually comes with a negative connotation. But it’s freaking 2020 and you know what? It’s okay to be basic! I’m tired of everyone trashing basic bitches.

For all of the basic bitches (and male basic bitches too) take your claim and own that basic label, because it’s okay.

As soon as that first summer green leaf changes color to a marvelous red, orange or yellow, everyone suddenly identifies as a "basic bitch."

The summer açaí bowls have been put away for the season and the Jeep sunroofs are closed up. Girls flock to their local Dunkin' or Starbucks to get their hands on anything pumpkin spiced.

Now, there are a few levels to being basic. For example:

Level 1: Basic

If you order a pumpkin spiced latte.

Level 2: Very basic

If you order a pumpkin spiced latte AND post an Instagram story with your steering wheel in the background.

Source: Google Images

If you want to be less basic, order a pumpkin spiced tea. Still a delicious Fall treat but not as basic.

If not, order that pumpkin spiced latte and post it on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Who gives a fuck because it’s okay to be basic. Aunt Carol will hype you up in the comments and you can show off that fresh new mani while doing so.

Girls have always been the ones to get the most backlash for being basic, but guys you are just as basic, if not even more.

Here are some ways that basic applies to guys:

If you jump on, and break, the pong table at a party, you’re basic. If you tuck your sweatpants into your socks, if you blast Hot Girl Bummer in your car (extra points if you drive a Honda Civic), you're basic.

If dapping people up is your form of saying hello, and if you wear a neck gaiter instead of wearing a guessed it, you're basic.

Now men, it is okay to be basic. This does not put down your masculinity, it's just the circle of life. We can’t all be the main characters. Flaunt that neck gaiter, and survive the pandemic! Jump on that pong table, even if it hurts like hell the next morning.

Source: Google Images

So many amazing fashion trends have come from basic-ness.

Everyone knows that Air Force 1’s have recently become a basic piece for girls to wear. To add some spice, girls have transformed their Air Forces with dope custom designs . From stars to colorful drips going down the Nike logo and everything in between. You are now able to show your unique style with what was once known as a basic trend.

Source: Google Images

Like the great Emily Cooper from “Emily in Paris” once said, “without basic bitches like me, you wouldn’t be fashionable.”

Source: Google Images

It’s time to take pride in all the amazing things that being basic has to offer. Doesn't matter who you are, put that basic crown on and let it shine!


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