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Do I Need to Leave Home to Keep Evolving?

Searching for grad school was more complicated than I thought, it’s no wonder my mental health was antsy because of it.

Unsplash | Louis Magnotti

Whether it’s the end of college, following your dreams, or your mental health, sometimes home can be more suffocating than you think. But does that mean you need to leave the place and people you love in order to grow as a person? And how do you know leaving home—or staying home—is the best move you can make for your future, and your mental safety?

These were the questions I struggled to ask myself as the end of college drew near.

There were things I wanted to do, aspirations I knew I had to chase, but I still felt like something was holding me back.

Was it my increasing anxiety? The fear of leaving my parents? My own self-doubt?

No matter what I did the questions kept coming, and I was no closer to figuring out what I needed to do. I realized if I was ever going to get anywhere with understanding what was right for me, I needed to deal with one element at a time.

With that being said, there were two big things I had to think about.

I needed to differentiate between what I needed and what I wanted.


Figuring out the difference between the two wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. It wasn’t hard to say I wanted to be one of the greatest storytellers of our time, but it was hard figuring out how the hell I was supposed to get there. I knew getting my master’s degree—getting more training—was the next step, however I couldn’t pick my next university strictly based on my creative needs. I also needed to contemplate my mental ones.

Over the course of my Undergrad my mental health had taken a turn for the worst.

I know and respect my boundarie