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Dear Diary,

A lyrical poem for you, fitting, as every song has become about you.

The Beginning

[Siri, play "Under Your Control" by Dave Winnel, Damon Sharpe, & Shannon]

The first night you saw me I was in your driveway drunk, lying

Little did I know, you thought I was crying

In no position to walk

You got me inside to talk

Before I knew it, five hours flew by

I thought, could this be my guy?

Our unplanned meeting

Was ever so fleeting


The Awkward Middle

[Siri, play "Crush" by Sebastian Paul]

For weeks I tried to let the twinkle of you diminish

Yet, all I could think about was making you finish

Seemingly overnight, lust turned into crush

And before I knew it, you made me a pile of mush

Still recovering, I understand you need to wait

But is it crazy that I dream of a world in which we can date?

I promise I meant it when I said I’d stay

After all, we both know that friends don’t look at friends this way


The Unwritten Ending

[Siri, play "Carried Away" by Surf Mesa & Madison Beer]

I write midnight poems in the dark

So believe me when I tell you, you were never a mark

After we met that night

I decided you were worth all my fight

Not only have you made me believe in fairy tales

But you showed me a man who never bails

I'm scared we will never get our chance

But at least you're all mine in this silent stance

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