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Dear College Grad

Advice from the heart and the years. Wisdom, humor, and nostalgia.


Angie, 42

Please make sure healthy, consensual, safe, and pleasurable sex does not end after college. In fact, find yourself mature partners that don’t need two swigs of their beer to open up to you. Even when graduation feels like the end of everything fun, it’s not. 

Julio, 25

I loved college! It’s definitely a time of my live that I always love remembering. That being said, DO NOT DWELL ON IT. Whether you know what you’re “doing” with your life, or not, do not allow others to make you feel like your best years are behind you. 
College is awesome, but the best time of your life is NOW. 

Phoenix, 31

Eat healthy. As a former college athlete, I realized that falling into unhealthy habits can be easy once you stop exercising every day. Your body will continue to change, and that’s okay. Just make sure you’re eating balanced meals, working out whenever you get a chance, and sleeping as much as you can. This advice also applies to college students, but I think it’s rarely thrown at us adults that it can be forgotten. 

Sebastian, 48

Wash your sheets, don’t leave dirty dishes for too long, and invest in good insurance. Save more than you spend. And for God’s sake, please be a fucking nice person. We’re all facing our own battles. 

Prince, 59

Go out of your way to make friends. In real life, you don’t just become friends with your neighbors, or the folks you work with. It takes time to make meaningful relationships, but by trying you’re already one step ahead. 
Whether it is someone who you always see at your local coffee shop, or your co-worker who eats lunch at their desk everyday, branch out and make some friends. Believe me, it will pay off when you’re older. 

Cassie, 33

Stop doing what others want you to do! 
Plain and simple; this life is yours and nobody else’s. Own it. 


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