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Dating Older: New trend for Gen Z?

Age is just a number, what does it matter if they’re older.

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Dating in college can be repetitive. It’s like watching your favorite movie or tv series, you know the entire plot by heart from beginning to end and it’s just not exciting anymore.

You go out to dinner, go to the movies, maybe go to a sports game at your school and, of course, house parties. That appears to be ok for some college students but for others, dating someone older may be more appealing. Gen Z’ers may want a relationship with someone who is more established and can offer a different perspective in life that someone in their own age group can’t. Take a look at some reasons why Gen Z may prefer dating older.


Gen Z may prefer dating someone with more experience hence the appeal to dating older. Being with an older person will allow you to explore new aspects of yourself when it comes to dating, meeting new elements of people, and exploring new places. Sexual experiences can also be a factor that would entice Gen Z to date older. Sex is an important part of a relationship that requires compassion and trust. Being with an older and more experienced person could provide a better sense of security when it comes to health and your well being. An older partner may be more inclined to ensure they practice safe sex as well as keep track of partners and their health as it pertains to sexually transmitted diseases; which could be the contributing factor to why dating older would be more appealing.


Money isn’t the most important thing when it comes to relationships, but being with someone who is financially stable is definitely a plus. Being with someone because of their wallet is about more than just them taking you out to a restaurant every night or buying you expensive gifts. It’s comforting to know your partner can take care of you but can also teach you the do’s and don’ts to maintaining a good credit standing and securing your financial future. Someone with experience would have made some mistakes that a younger person could learn from. Another draw that Gen Z may have regarding finances and dating someone older would be not having to bare the burden of having to take care of someone else financially, when you yourself are just starting out with your own financial obligations such as your first apartment, car etc.


While in college you’re trying to navigate who you are and what you want in your life. The majority of college students (Gen Z’ers) don’t know what they want out of life even upon graduating and that’s okay. However, what most do want is to have some form of stability in their lives. Whether it’s a long term relationship versus being a one night stand, or it’s knowing that both you and your partner have similar goals for the future, dating someone older could provide that type of stability for someone just getting out of college.

Everyone has a preference when it comes to dating so if the person you choose to date is older and suits your needs, have at it!


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