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Confessions of a S.L.U.T.

The difference between getting fucked and making love. Not that I would know.

Source: Unsplash

"Hey Siri, play S.L.U.T. by Bea Miller"






Slut: a woman that likes sex too much? Lol. Like that's supposed to be a bad thing.

Trust me, I've done my fair share of fucking and getting fucked. You don't believe me? Let me give you a sample of my list:

  1. The one who took my virginity doggy style

  2. The one who shifted my IUD and punctured my uterus

  3. The one I lied to my friends about

  4. The one who called me pushy when I wouldn't send him nudes

  5. The one who's captain of his D1 team

  6. The one who gave me a shower concussion

  7. The one who moaned louder than me

  8. The one I wish I dated

  9. The one who fucked me in a booze cruise bathroom

  10. The one who gave me Chlamydia