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  • Soph

Coloring My Hair Skyrocketed My Confidence

I was bright, vibrant, and had never felt better in my life!

Photo by: Andriyko Podilnyk

I’m the type of person who’s always blended into the background. Just your average brown-haired gal. Other than my loud mouth...nothing has really made me stick out, besides my hair!

I lit up every room I walked into...LITERALLY

When you have purple hair it’s hard not to be the center of attention. Every time I went somewhere people would start looking at me.

I started thinking, DAMN! I must look good!

Then I realized, it was because I looked like a walking eggplant…and I freakin loved it!

Not only did my hair light up a room, but so did my personality. I gained so much self-confidence to the point where my smile was brighter than my hair. I felt so fucking fierce.