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Clapbacks & Boundaries: Holiday Edition

Featuring hits such as: “Hey Auntie, why don’t you worry about your cheating husband instead of who I am or am not fucking this year?”

As the holiday season creeps in, there’s one thing that seems to be disappearing faster and faster.


When we get lost in the hustle and bustle of trying to make this year’s winter holidays worth something, we’re practically inviting lines to be crossed (and yes, I mean winter holidays. Thanksgiving has NO jingles I can vibe to, in my eyes, it’s just an excuse to eat pie. So. Much. Pie).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that we want this anarchy, but the holidays are when many of us let our guard down. Now more than ever, we need to reinforce our mental strongholds and protect ourselves from hostility disguised as “catching-up”.

You sense some prying bullshit coming your way? Hop. On. The. DEFENSE!

If that means faking a phone call in order to leave the situation, then pull that oscar winning performance out of your ass — OR if that means calling them out and clapping back, then match their energy and let them know you’re not the one they should mess with!