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Chinese Street Fashion TikToks Are Everything We Need

These fashionable slow motion clips have taken over TikTok, and I love everything about it.

Chinese street fashion has taken over tiktok, as featured on different magazines like vogue and paper. Here are all the questions you have about these tiktoks!
Photo: StayHipp

We’ve all seen the TikTok trends like the “Renegade dance," Vogue Challenge,” and tie dye phenomenon. The newest trend that is taking the streets by storm, literally, is the Chinese street fashion toks.

These videos consist of slow-mo clips of people dressed in fabulous clothes casually walking down the streets of Chinese cities like Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai. The songs, “I Like Him” by Princess Nokia or “How You Like That” by Blackpink’s plays in the background, making them seem even cooler. After walking down the street, the fashion icon will give a subtle stare into the camera with a mysterious almost “oh didn't see ya there” look on their face.

Their outfits are unlike anything we have seen in America, which I think is what intrigues us as viewers even more. When walking down the streets of NYC or LA, you see someone either dressed in a plain business suit, Lululemon leggings, or shorts and a t-shirt.

These fashion icons are killing it in all black outfits with fierce accessories that make them look super badass. Most are dressed in head-to-toe Givenchy and Gucci designer outfits, stylish sunglasses, blazer looks while making a mask look fashionable, which I didn’t even know was possible to do.