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Cheap and Fun Fall Activities for NYC-Area Peeps

Enjoying the fall doesn’t mean your bank account has to!

Photos: Unsplash

If you’re like me, you LOVE all of the activities that come with the cool, crisp weather—but you’re also balling on a budget.

Here are some great gems to celebrate the spooky season without breaking the bank!

Plasko’s Farm and Creamery and Cafe

This farm is the perfect place to get the ultimate dose of fall!

They have everything from pumpkin picking to hayrides, an interactive corn maze to ice cream, and more!

Tickets to the maze are under $15.00 and you can even splurge on some fresh baked goods and coffee.

Plaskos is one of my favorite locations to visit during autumn, and you can do it all for $25.00 or under!!

They also have some pretty cute donkeys that add even more to the experience.

Sleepy Hollow

I recently visited this spooktacular tourist attraction, located in Tarrytown, NY, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! And the best part, it was all under $30!

Here you can take yourself through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, which includes the burial site of Washington Irving, the author of “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. You can even cross the famous bridge just as the headless horseman did! The cemetery is full of history, and is also free for admissions!

Photos: Unsplash

There are also tons of shops and cafes all over town that you can explore.

This little town offers the ideal fall experience and is located less than an hour outside of NYC, making it a great opportunity to trade in the skyscrapers for some fall scenery.

Salem, MA

Salem is the perfect place to go if you really want to dive into some Halloween spirit! This destination might be a little more expensive, but is totally worth it.

You can visit attractions such as the Howard Street Cemetery, The Witch House, Salem Witch Village, and more!

Salem is the perfect way to celebrate the season and it is filled with so much history.

However, have you ever thought about going post-Halloween? Salem is witchy all year around!

Skip the crowds and plan your trip after the holiday is over.

Take a Drive

Taking a drive is my favorite activity to do during fall—and costs nothing but the price of gas. For anyone in the CT/ NY area, you know a collection of photos from the Merritt Parkway are scattered across social media.

Photos: Unsplash

The scenic views from the highway are truly breathtaking. However, I do recommend avoiding rush hour.

So jump in the car with some friends. Blast your favorite tunes and enjoy the gorgeous fall scenery—you won’t regret it!

Enjoy everything this season has to offer and do it without breaking the bank!

~Trust the good vibes and spread all the love,



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