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Catfishing Season: Stay Safe Out There

The realities of sex and dating during a pandemic... P.S. it's very sad

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The only thing I want to say is, the coronavirus has been unbelievably inconvenient for my dating life.

On top of ruining so many things, Covid has now made dating impossible too. Now, I’m not talking about those of you who have been in relationships for the past year, or the ones who were lucky enough to start dating someone back in January. This applies to everyoneeeee else.

If you’re thinking covid isn’t a huge obstacle in the dating world, then you’re probably cuddling with your boyfriend / girlfriend right now, and I hate you.

Realistically, I think the #1 place to meet someone new pre-covid was at a bar, club, or party. All of which, are literally illegal now.

Now restaurants are the next best option
Still, even that isn’t simple.

Two weeks ago, I was out at dinner with my sister and cousin, when my cousin pointed out a table with "cute" guys.

Let me set the scene: my back was to the table, my sister’s contact had just blown away in the wind (I’m not exaggerating) so she was blind, and my cousin was sitting in front of me, drunk. When I tried to casually turn, I saw two guys (neither cute, sorry to say) and a girl sitting in the middle of them. The four of us made extremely awkward eye contact when they caught me staring, but my cousin still wanted to go up the one she liked.

I told her two reasons why that was an absolutely horrible idea:

  1. People don’t exactly want strangers coming up to them because we’re, uh, you know, IN A PANDEMIC

  2. There was no way to tell if he was single!! And who was the random girl?? Sure, maybe they were a group of friends, or maybe even siblings, BUT if it was a couple and their friend, then my cousin would’ve been guaranteed one bitch slap

As one would imagine, when we left she was sad and single, just like us. For those reasons, I don't think restaurants are a good scene for meeting someone today.