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I Cast Season 48 of Saturday Night Live… With Influencers

With Pete Davidson's decision to leave, SNL needs to grab people that the younger generation can relate to. But, which ones have what it takes?

Photo: Saturday Night Live

Brittany Broski

Brittany Broski rose to fame because of her viral taste test of kombucha. Flash forward 3 years later, and she is the proud leader of Broski Nation. Brittany has two TikTok accounts with a combined following of about 10 million followers. One thing about Brittany is that she is just herself on her accounts. She talks about virtually anything and everything in various accents and skits. I think because she has the creativity and innate ability to just produce content that makes people laugh. I think if she kept doing this in an environment of people who’s jobs are to do the same would help her thrive. Accents and silly skits come so natural to her and that is literally the environment of SNL. Brittany is funny on her own, but where she differs from other creators, is that I think she would thrive in character pieces on the show.

Ena Da

Ena Da is a content creator under the platform of @park_slope_arsonist. Ena is so satirical and has the ability to make light of any situation without it being disrespectful. Her comedic range is so broad as she can create humor from anything. One skit that showcases her ability to make simple things funny is a skit she did about being from Delaware. I think her vibe is satire and sarcasm, and this would be really beneficial in writing skits and performing them as she makes instagram memes in addition to videos. I could see her being a strong addition to the weekend update desk.