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Cassie Marin Talks New Song, "Every Time I See the Ocean"

After being featured as an emerging artist to watch on TikTok, LA-based musician Cassie Marin’s releases her latest single.

New Pop Artist and Musician Cassie Marin releases new single  "Every time I see the Ocean" for MUD Magazine
Photo: Gerardo de Sousa

Can you tell us what was your creative process behind writing, “Every Time I See The Ocean”?

“Every Time I See The Ocean” was inspired by a piano ballad I wrote when I was 17. The two songs are entirely different but I had brought in a recording of my old song and wanted to find a way to capture the same message but with my updated perspective. Devon Corey and I built the new version from scratch, using my main piano elements as a lead instrument and then the lyrics bloomed out of me within minutes. The song pretty much wrote itself.

How is this song different from “Tanto” & “Busy Body” ?

They speak about completely different things and deal with very different emotions, thus the sound and energy behind them are unique to each one. “Every time I see the ocean” felt more like stepping into a memory that became presently relevant just after the release of the other two. So they are connected in some way, but remain separate in tone.

New Pop Artist and Musician Cassie Marin releases new single  "Every time I see the Ocean" for MUD Magazine
Photo: Gerardo de Sousa

We know this release was largely inspired by your upbringing near the beach. As a songwriter, where do you draw the most inspiration from?

There is never a singular source of inspiration; it comes from everything, each present moment, sometimes a random flashback from the past or a dream of the future. It’s just an intuition I listen to and rarely try to control.

You have such a unique sound that is both electric and incredibly emotional. In your own words, how would you define it?

Similarly to the previous question, my sound is something I don’t put effort in controlling. It grows organically along with the stages of my life—it evolves along with me. If I absolutely had to define it, then my sound would be best described as what it sounds like inside my head. If my head sounds electric and emotional to you, that is more than alright to me!

Is there anything you’re currently working on for this year? If so, what can fans expect?

Fans can expect my long awaited album to be released this year!


You can follow Cassie Marin on Instagram and listen to her new single "Every Time I See the Ocean" on all streaming platforms now.


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