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Meet Netflix's Best Friend: Carson Rowland

The Sweet Magnolia star opened up to MUD about auditioning for the show, getting a BS in Neuroscience, and his recs of binge-worthy shows to watch on Netflix.

How was the auditioning process for Sweet Magnolias? What drew you to the show?

C: What drew me to the show initially was the fact that Norman Buckley was attached. Norman, aside from being one of the nicest humans in existence, is nothing short of a legend when it comes to TV drama. He’s directed some of TV's most iconic series, such as Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and much more, and the thought of possibly working alongside him was thrilling.

The audition process was a standard self-tape and in-person callback. However, after I left the callback room, I felt more confident than I had ever felt about a performance. I had given it all I had in that room and it payed off.

Ty Townsend deals with a lot of pressure throughout the show. Pressure from baseball, from his family, and to keep up his reputation.

How much do you relate to him and his high school experience?

C: I think a myriad of people, both teens and adults, can relate to the pressure Ty is experiencing–myself included. In high school, I surrounded myself with the “smart kids." It was both a blessing and a curse in the sense it forced me to keep up with them intellectually.

In addition, my family put a lot of pressure on me to both have good grades and also accomplish something meaningful. For example, after I quit playing baseball my freshman year of high school, my parents insisted I find additional extracurriculars to fill my time. As much as I hated it then, my parents knew best and I thank them every day for pushing me towards my next accomplishment.

Sweet Magnolias is a “feel good” show that arrived just in time for quarantine. What’s the most special thing about this show and cast?

C:By far, the most special thing about this show and cast is the family that was created on set. Everyone, from costumes to directors, got so close. Spending almost five months developing relationships that will transcend far beyond Sweet Magnolias was both the most special thing and also my greatest memory.

You have a BS in Neuroscience from FAU. How was the move from the lab to the screen?

C: Extremely difficult and almost paradoxical. I would go from living to dream in LA to studying for biochemistry in less than a week, and it was a bit of a culture shock and took a while to get acclimated to which ever environment I was in that season. However, getting my degree is something I take serious pride in and I will never take that accomplishment for granted.

What does it mean to be young in America today?

C: To me, being young is a state of mind. The feeling of unlimited potential and the ability to accomplish whatever one sets his or her mind to, as long as it obeys the laws of physics.

Carson's Insta bio says “@netflix’s next best friend they haven’t met yet” and we want to second that nomination. Here are his top recs to watch once you're done binge-watching Sweet Magnolias:

TV Shows

1) Sweet Magnolias ;)

2) Peaky Blinders

3) Mind Hunter

4) Ozark

5) Love Death and Robots


1) Taxi Driver

2) The Master

3) There Will Be Blood

4) The Pianist

5) Inception


Don't miss Carson as Ty Townsend on Sweet Magnolias – Out on Netflix now!

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