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Carlos Name Follows in the Footsteps of Paranormal Power-Couple, the Warrens

The influencer recently traveled to Connecticut, home of the famous paranormal investigators, Lorraine and Ed Warren, who inspired The Conjuring and Annabelle.

Carlos Name es un influencer mexicano que documenta las extrañas apariciones en su casa de Mexico.
Photo: @carlosname

Let's face it: ghosts are fucking scary. But whether you believe in them or not, we've all experienced paranormal stuff. For some it's weird noises coming from their attic while for others it involves sightings of dead people. For Carlos Name, experiencing paranormal stuff has become his daily life.

Reaching 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Carlos began to document these paranormal experiences on his Instagram stories. As his followers increased so did the fucked up things that happened in his house. Ceiling fans falling on him. Psychos showing up on his doorstep to deliver strange packages. Voices following him into his bedroom.

If you get scared easily, then I'd recommend not watching his Insta stories at night...

As someone who loves paranormal stories, I couldn't help to think of the Conjuring movies when watching Carlos' Insta stories. And interestingly enough, so did Carlos. Two years after the death of famous paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren, Carlos Name has decided to investigate a famous unsolved case from the paranormal power-couple.

Paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren, served as the inspiration for The Conjuring movie.  Photo: Collider
Paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren, served as the inspiration for The Conjuring movie. Photo: Collider

Lorraine Warren died at age 92 at the start of 2019, leaving behind the dozens of relics that were protected in her home, including the Annabelle doll. Her husband, Ed Warren, a demonologist and an artist, died in 2006.

Something a lot of people don't know is that Ed Warren began taking art classes after WWII. He grew up in a house he believed to be haunted. From an early age, his artistic skills and his interest in the paranormal crafted a career. He used to sit outside houses that were reported to be haunted and painted them, later gifting the paintings to the owners.

In a similar way, Carlos Name, a Mexican influencer who went viral in 2019 for recording the terrifying occurrences in his home, took an interest in investigating paranormal events in his neighborhood. It began with the kidnapping of his dog, and soon escalated into furniture that vanished, strangers showing up at his house with odd packages, and voices coming from the walls.

Recently, Carlos Name visited the cemetery where Lorraine and Ed Warren are buried. This cemetery is the site of ghostly appearances, including The Lady in White. While Carlos' team did not provide too many details, they did tell MUD that this trip was not a coincidence. This leads MUD to believe that Carlos is possibly investigating a case involving the Warrens.

Their house was turned into a museum after Ed's death, and is now closed to the public since Lorraine's death. Judy Spera, the only child of the Warrens, was left in charge of the original house, including the artifacts in it.

“I was terrified there, in their house, so I just didn’t sleep there,” Judy recalled in an interview with Den of Geek. “I couldn’t sleep in a room by myself. And I was young, I was very young.”


You can follow Carlos Name's terrifying stories on his Instagram @carlosname


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