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Can You Manifest Your Way Into a Relationship?

Time to break out those crystals and positive affirmations.

Why can't she just notice me?
Is he ever going to ask me out?
I know we'd be perfect together, why can't it just happen already?

Not too long ago I was asking myself those exact questions. There was this guy I had a MASSIVE crush on, but he barely knew I existed. So I decided it was time to do something about it.

Do you think I:

A. Tried to put myself out there and flirt like a normal person


B. Looked for solutions on TikTok

If you said B, you win! I’m 100% the type of person who avoids their problems by going on social media and this was no exception. But everything changed when I started to see videos like this one... on TikTok

By now, I'm sure we’ve all heard about manifesting and how it can help us get what we want. I’m a big believer in manifesting, and have done it a few times to help achieve my goals. Yet, the question remains:

Can you actually manifest a relationship with someone?

That’s exactly what I decided to try out.

For weeks I worked on manifesting what I wanted. The end result completely shocked me.

It Worked.

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...At First.

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Unfortunately, things just didn’t end up working out in the end. Still, it's pretty amazing how far manifesting got me. Sooo if you want to learn about how to go from being total strangers to something more, here are some tips that helped me.

1. Visualize What You Want

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Before getting into the relationship of your dreams, you need to clearly understand what you want. Be sure to picture every detail in order to properly manifest it. Consider everything from hair color to how serious you want it to be.

Will your dream person have______

A. Blonde or brunette hair

B. Light or dark eyes

C. A sweet, shy personality or something more outgoing

Are you looking for something______

A. Serious and sweet

B. Hot and exciting

C. Something in between

Make sure you picture every detail so that you know exactly what you want to attract.

2. Practice Affirmations

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Affirmations are basically positive statements that are used to help you focus on what you want. The goal is to act like you already have what you want. You can either write them down or say them out loud. Here are a few examples:

  1. I am in an amazing relationship with someone I care about.

  2. I am worthy of love.

  3. The universe has brought me great romance.

  4. My partner loves me so much.

  5. I am attracting a loving relationship.

3. Know Your Worth

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The most important step is to remember that you’re worthy of receiving the love you desire. If you want to manifest the person of your dreams, you need to remember that you deserve it! You’ll only be able to attract something if you believe you deserve it.

Remember, at the end of the day manifesting is tricky.

Even if you follow these steps, things might not always work out the way you want them to. The Universe works in mysterious ways, and sometimes things don't happen for a reason.

So, can you manifest your way into a relationship? Maybe.

But, are you worthy of happiness?



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