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Camp Cool Is Now Open for the Summer

Aaron and Tyler Cage from the band Camp Cool delivered one of the most electric nights Nashville has ever seen.

Downtown Nashville's, The Blue Room, was packed wall to wall to help Cam Cool celebrate their sophomore EP release, Camp Cool. Heavy on the imagery and vibes of the outdoor summer camps of your youth, Cam Cool created a night all about reveling in friendships and fond memories. Smooth and warm, Cam Cool sounds like how a warm beverage sliding down your throat feels after cold night out. Unabashed joy from all stage occupants made it clear that Cam Cool derives so much fun from playing with and for new and old old friends alike.

Composed of identical twins, Aaron and Tyler Cage, Cam Cool represents a singular individual comprised of two different people who sound and look identical. Based in Nashville, Tennessee the duo released their first single "After All These Years," in 2019. Four years later, the band released their sophomore EP, Camp Cool on March 31, 2023 to much anticipation from their loyal fans. Camp Cool is played around the fire with your closest friends nearby as the sun sets after a long day. The four-track EP is teeming with a grounded and melodic performance; full of the narrative driven storytelling of your favorite folk songs tied in a sonic ribbon of soft, deep rock, Camp Cool is a true product of genuine passion from Cam Cool and their evident joy for making music. Cam Cool is a bright spot in the Nashville indie-scene, and we are eagerly awaiting their next release because we need more stat.

You Gotta Listen: Black to Blue, Colorado, Everything You Wanted (I Swear)

Relive the show below with more photos by Lucy Jones


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