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Bye Bye Boomer, It’s Gen Z’s Time to Summer

All eyes are on the youth as they take New York City by storm. Keep reading for the summer essentials to help you indulge in the 2021 youthquake in all of its glory.


Youthquake: a social-culture-political rebirth influenced by young people.

Imagine yourself lounging in Sheep’s Meadow in Manhattan enjoying a cold seltzer while passing a joint to one of your friends among a slew of vaxxed people cuddled together in the humid heat. Now, take a step back and try to look at this scene as if you were a baby boomer. Oh, that’s right, you can’t, because you are a 20-something in New York City enjoying your freedom after the darkness of a seemingly never-ending pandemic. But a recent article by the New York Times did just that. Using the term “youthquake” to describe the current movement of music, fashion, art led by young people in NYC, the article explored what this creative rebirth means for young people led by the perspective of, you guessed it, not a young person.

It is hard for people not to compare the electric energy of a New York City summer to events in the past like the Summer of Love in 1967, but this is 2021. So, whether you are among the millions of 20-somethings in NYC or not, it is time Gen Z re-defines what this youthquake movement means to us and how we can take part in this moment. Embrace the sultry, creative, and social resurgence this summer with these go-to essentials.

1. Curated Youthquake Playlist

This Youthquake Summer 2021 playlist is guaranteed to get you and your friends hyped before hitting the bars or having a dinner party. Press play when you are having a dance party on the roof of your apartment under the city lights. You know I will be getting down to good 4 u, heat waves, and levitating this summer.

2. Boozy Drink or Low-key Mocktail

A night out isn’t complete without a boozy drink, and the seltzer trend is not dead yet. So, if you are wanting to switch up your seltzer game from the illustrious White Claw, I recommend trying the Bud Light Seltzer. Can’t do the alcohol, mocktails are a refreshing drink of choice for any summer occasion. My personal favorite: Love Pink Drink.

3. Enhancing Weed or Relaxed CBD

Having a chill kickback with friends, don’t forget the kush. To enhance the mood, I suggest trying a strain similar to the Guava Zkittlez from Talking Trees Farm. This strain is perfect for summer with a fruity taste and chatty vibe. And if CBD is more your thing, I got you. Cannaflower’s Lift pre-rolls are “perfect for an elevated mood and a relaxed perspective” on a Thursday night, or any really any day of the week.

4. Trendy Sustainable Fit

To survive the summer heat, go forth with confidence showing a little skin. We love a sustainable fit, so throw on those thrifted shorts and a crop top paired with some classic Converse sneakers. Don’t forget to grab a lightweight button up for those semi-cooler evenings. A canvas tote also advised for all your daily city necessities.


Whether you are walking, skating, biking, taking the subway, or driving to the next summer adventure, remember we are all a part of this youthquake movement. It’s Gen Z’s moment to reinvent the social, creative, and political culture of 2021, all while having the best summer of our lives.


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