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Bored? 5 Modern Family Binge Worthy Episodes to Watch

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Modern Family is a show unlike anything you’ll ever see on television. It's a light hearted, realistic comedy that will make you laugh, relate, and occasionally shed a tear. The three families represented in this show will definitely keep you interested and entertained! Even though the show ran for eleven seasons, here are five episodes of Modern Family to watch when you're bored.

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The best place to start is at the beginning. The pilot focuses on Jay and his two children Claire and Mitchell, but also introduces a variety of characters that make up this comedy/sitcom which portrays today’s image of many families. What makes this show so binge worthy is the characters are relatable in some way; the embarrassing dad, the cool older sister, and the uncle who makes everyone laugh. As the seasons progress you’ll want to see how each character grows and changes over the years. Personally, I like how the show emphasizes the fact that just because families don’t all look the same, it doesn’t make them any less of a family. I promise, once you watch the pilot you will be hooked!

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DisneyLand (Season 3 episode 22)

What’s not to love about Disneyland? This episode is about parents and the harsh reality of them getting older but still wanting to share experiences with their children. The father and son have a heart-to-heart where the son tells his dad, he doesn’t care if he is getting old and can’t do as many of the things they used to do, he just wants to hang out with his dad. Spending time with our parents is something that we often take for granted because we got used to them always being there. The moments between father and son in this episode remind the audience to cherish those moments with your loved ones.

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Family Portrait (Season 1 episode 24)

If you’ve ever taken any kind of picture with your family you know the struggles of trying to get everyone together. Who’s not looking at the camera, whose eyes are closed and let’s not forget who’s complaining about not being positioned on their best side! This episode focuses on one character, Claire, who tries to organize a family portrait and it doesn’t go as planned. All three families are going through different things and it all comes to a head when they come together to take the photo. Talk about an explosion! When everyone finally shows up to take the photo, frustrations are high and leads to a mud slinging good time.

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The Wedding Part 2 (Season 5 episode 23)

In this episode a wedding transpires between two characters. This was a favorite of mine because although it was focused around same sex marriage, it was really just about two people who really love each other and want to spend their lives together. It touches on a father and son’s relationship where a father finally comes to accept his son’s sexuality. Cue the tears. And let’s not forget the mishaps and drama weddings bring. In this episode the drama and mishaps will keep you laughing!

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A Year of Birthdays (Season 10 episode 22)

People either love their birthday or hate it. This episode focuses on life. While one character focuses on bringing twins into the world, other characters reflect on one significant birthday they will never forget. For one it’s turning 21 and the recollection of being drunk for the first time and another reflects on turning 50 and finally having time to do something just for himself like learning to play the piano and unicycling. This episode speaks to the various stages of life in a fun filled, comedic way.

Modern Family is filled with many moments of humor, chaos and above all lots of love! It’s a great way to spend a rainy or lazy summer day either alone or with friends. So grab the remote, sit back and enjoy the binge.


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