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Bored? 5 Modern Family Binge Worthy Episodes to Watch

Source: Pinterest

Modern Family is a show unlike anything you’ll ever see on television. It's a light hearted, realistic comedy that will make you laugh, relate, and occasionally shed a tear. The three families represented in this show will definitely keep you interested and entertained! Even though the show ran for eleven seasons, here are five episodes of Modern Family to watch when you're bored.

Source: Pinterest


The best place to start is at the beginning. The pilot focuses on Jay and his two children Claire and Mitchell, but also introduces a variety of characters that make up this comedy/sitcom which portrays today’s image of many families. What makes this show so binge worthy is the characters are relatable in some way; the embarrassing dad, the cool older sister, and the uncle who makes everyone laugh. As the seasons progress you’ll want to see how each character grows and changes over the years. Personally, I like how the show emphasizes the fact that just because families don’t all look the same, it doesn’t make them any less of a family. I promise, once you watch the pilot you will be hooked!