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Euphoria's Biggest Winners and Losers from Episode 4

Tonight's episode was chaotic to say the least, but while there was plenty of confusion, we think there are some key moments in the episode worth revisiting.


Maddy addressing that Nate is a gaslighter

At Maddy's birthday party, it seems like she's ready to make peace with Nate and give another try at their relationship. However, when Nate asks shady when asked if they're together, Maddy goes off on him. Not only does she go off on him, she calls him out for all the things he says in private to her, which eventually trigger Cassie to throw up in the hot tub. On our book, this was definitely a win.

Kat admitting to Maddy that she's not happy with Ethan

With such a chaotic episode, this was a huge sigh of relief. We all have heard about the rumors circulating where Barbie Ferreira's role in the second season has been watered down due to a disagreement with Sam Levinson. However, this moment that Maddy and her share is so special and made us feel really good about Kat's future.

Cal calling out his family

If you told us during season one that Cal would become somewhat of a character you root for, we'd say you're crazy. However, he's been experiencing a huge development in the recent episodes where you understand him a little better. In the end, Cal Jacobs is lonely, and feels the grief of losing the love of his life. However, him telling his family off, especially Nate, is something we can consider a win. Though the peeing was bizarre to put it nicely...


Cassie in the hot tub

From the moment we see her grab the bottle and dance into the room, we know trouble is coming. It's surprising that the show uses Cal to parallel Cassie, but it does make a bit of sense since they both are dealing with the grief of someone they love. However, doing this at Maddy's birthday party was not the right move.

Maddy entertaining the idea of getting back together with Nate

We know it doesn't end that way, but at the beginning it looked like Maddy was ready to forgive Nate. Not only do the two share an intimate exchange at the house Maddy babysits at, but apparently they've been spending a lot of time together. Even when Maddy says they're not back together, you can tell she still has feelings for him.

Jules finding out Rue's using again

We're not sure if this is a win, lose, or something different. The scene is heartbreaking and we couldn't help but feel for Jules. However, the dynamic between Elliot, Jules, and Rue is getting messy, especially in tonight's episode. The fact that Elliot decided to come clean as Jules was trying to make out with him didn't help the situation. In other words, it was a messy conclusion to their night.


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