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Best Coffee Spots For College Students in New York

As the start of the semester gets closer, we're rounding up the best places to grab a quick fix before your morning class.

If you are a student at NYU, The New School, or even Columbia, you know the struggle of finding the perfect coffee spot to do homework, grab a tasty coffee that doesn't break the bank, and meet up with your study group. While NYC has an infinite supply, it is also hard to find a solid combination of these three things. That's why we gathered the best collection of coffeeshops, cafes, and grab-and-go spots in New York City so you can make your morning class in time.

Ground Central Coffee

Midtown, Hell's Kitchen, Lower East Side, Gramercy

If you are meeting friends from different boroughs, then this coffee spot with several locations scattered around Midtown is a no brainer. Not only does Ground Central Coffee has plenty of meeting space in the shape of couches, tables, and high tables, it also offers a work-study vibe that makes it comfortable to meet up with people and have conversations.

McNally Jackson Bookstore


Heading downtown might seem like a stretch, but if you are a book lover who's heading to a coffeeshop to write your novel or maybe an essay for history class and need inspiration, then McNally Jackson is the perfect spot. You can browse their wide selection of books, which include a lot of awesome recommendations from their staff. Next to the bookstore there's a cafe. While this spot has a quieter vibe, it's perfect for the college student who wants to put their headphones in, get a coffee, and have a grind session to get work done.

Variety Coffee Rosters

Various Locations

This famous New York coffeeshop is one of the OGs. Variety Coffee Roasters is a true legend in the NYC coffee scene, and they have location virtually all over the city. If you're looking for aesthetic cafes, then look no more. Variety Coffee Roasters have a clean, refined vibe with great lightning. Just make sure to avoid peak hours if you're looking for a place to spread your books because this coffeeshop can get crowded.

Barnes & Noble

Union Square

This might not be your top option, and that's okay. The Barnes and Noble in Union Square is a legend downtown, and for a good reason. With 5 stories, it's one of the biggest bookstores you can find in NYC. On the fourth level, you will find a large seating area with a Starbucks which is perfect to grab a coffee with friends and do homework. It's a good place if you have class soon and can't travel as much, considering this coffee spot is close to The New School and NYU.


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