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Avery Lynch Opens Up About New EP "The Kids Table"

We caught up with singer and songwriter Avery Lynch to talk all things new music and what has been keeping her inspired lately.

We caught up with singer and songwriter Avery Lynch to talk all things new music and what has been keeping her inspired lately.
Photo Credit: Jordan Van Hecke

A personal favorite of mine on the EP is “Okay" featuring Rosie. What was it like collaborating with her and meshing both of your songwriting styles?

I always love collaborating with Rosie, we’ve been friends for a while and have always been pretty good at meeting in the middle with our styles when we write together. It’s very easy writing with her and “okay” felt very seamless and natural to write.

Love the lyric video for your latest single “Sleepover” and how it's all about spending time with friends. How do you balance making time for friends while your career is moving at such a fast pace?

There’s always time for friends! I try to get my work done during “normal” work hours to help too. I feel like it’s the same thing for anyone else working any kind of job, you just make the time!

On Instagram you mentioned that you’d be sending out snippets of each song on the EP to anyone who messages you throughout the week. What is your favorite part of interacting with fans?

I love talking to them and getting to see what my fans are like and the things they like. It’s also really cool to get feedback about how certain songs affected them. I love that they’re like my friends and they’re constantly supportive.

What is your go-to process for finding inspiration aside from your personal experiences?

It’s either from my own experience, someone else’s experience that I witnessed somehow, or trying to think of a really sad situation and running with it! I normally think of them when I’m by myself and just sitting in thought, like when I’m driving or getting ready for the day. It’s rare that I come up with the concepts for my songs while I’m actually writing one.

Who are your biggest influences when it comes to songwriting?

Sara Bareilles is my biggest influence. There are songs here and there by artists that I don’t know very well that inspire me, but I haven’t found a person as influential as Sara. I’m also constantly trying to be better than my last song, and I try to tap into different songwriting styles all the time. I’m influenced by all of the incredible artists and songs around me, but yeah if I had to name someone, it would be Sara.


Listen to The Kids Table now on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Make sure to follow MUD on instagram for the most engaging content in internet culture.


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