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Are Condoms a Form of Self-Care?

Face masks, bubble baths, long naps, and...Condoms. What do these all have in common? See below as to why putting it on before getting it on is actually a form of self-care.

(Image from Unsplash)

What's hotter than sex??? Safe Sex.

I've only had sex without a condom once (check out the Mud article My Imaginary Boyfriend Saved Me After My Worst Sexual Experience). Would I ever do it again?

Very doubtful.

Okay, so first I know I can't talk about condoms without acknowledging the awkwardness that comes hand in hand with them.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I went to a Catholic school next to a convent full of nuns. I didn’t buy my first pack of condoms until I was 21, in a foreign country just to make sure I wouldn’t bump into anyone.

*By the way, I work in a grocery store that sells condoms. We never notice when you buy them. If anything, we’re kind of happy for you.

My college had the first condom machine (imagine that!) in Ireland. We had FREE condoms in the student office and handed out FREE condoms every Wednesday.