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Anke Richards on How She Wrote Her First Love Song, "Never Forget"

We caught up with the South African singer a year after her first feature on MUD. She's getting ready to release her newest single, "Never Forget."

Anke Richards the South African singer songwriter that has the Spotify chart hit "Tired"
Photo: Conrad de Vries

Q: Anke, being an artist from South Africa what is a way your music stays true to your background?

A: I’ve always been comfortable being alone. I actually love diving deep into my thoughts and feelings, it has been the truest method for me to create my art. I think the way I grew up lead to this direction. I was born and raised in a small town in South Africa, with siblings who are much older than me, so I had a lot of quiet, alone time. I’ve always been a very independent child, always busy with my own thing. I learned English from watching TV when I was little and ever since I mastered the language, it’s been my favorite one to use when I’m writing. If I didn’t have the freedom to explore myself and my writing as much as I did, I would definitely not be where I am today.

Q: Your label discovered you through Instagram. What were your thoughts when they offered you a contract? Was this how you thought you would be found?

A: My former label discovered me on Instagram when I had very few followers, it was such a rare opportunity and it's every singer’s “unrealistic” dream in the back of their minds. I always pictured myself pitching my music to labels myself one day like Taylor Swift did. To be honest, I don’t think I would ever have actually done that, but I thought that if I did have any chance to break into the industry ever, that would be the only way. I got offered a contract at a time when it seemed like something that could only happen in my wildest dreams.

Q: Take us through the process of writing your new single “Never Forget.” What is it about?

A: My new single, “Never Forget," is the first love song that I’ve ever actually finished writing. I am more easily inspired by negative emotions, since those are usually stronger, but 1 year ago, inspiration suddenly hit me about 2 months into dating my current boyfriend, and this time in the best way possible. I hate sounding cheesy, but this song means the world to me, as it is a raw and honest letter to the most special person in my life.

Q: Who would be your dream collab?

A: My dream collaboration partner would be Finneas O’Connell. I spoke about what an incredible songwriter he is in my last interview with you, but I didn’t mention how amazing it would be to work with him as a producer. I could spend hours analyzing songs that he produced. Working side by side with a good producer is one of my favorite parts of my job, and I feel like Finneas and I would blend together really well creatively.

Anke Richards the South African singer songwriter that has the Spotify chart hit "Tired"
Photo: Conrad de Vries

Q: What is something you wish someone told you before you chose this industry?

A: Before I started working in this industry, I wish someone told me to say what I have to say and not be afraid to express my opinions when it comes to my work. As a young artist, you’ll work with people with a lot of experience and confidence, and as important as it is to respect that, you have the right to make decisions about your own creative work and to bring in your own authenticity. Accept advice humbly, but don’t stay quiet just because it seems like the people you’re working with already has it figured out.

Q: Since posting our first article about you in Oct 2020, what has changed the most within your music career?

A: So much has changed, and only in the best ways! Firstly, I have had the honor to sign a management and production contract with Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production from NY. As my manager, he has opened up a new world of opportunities for me. He produced “Never Forget” and my next upcoming single “Cold in the summer” to be released 08.10.2021 as well as “Where’s my love” a song I had the pleasure of collaborating on with singer/songwriter Matt Kent and available to Pre-Save now distributed by FrtyFve Records and Instrumental in the UK. Dante will be producing a bunch of more singles for me in the future as I visit Ny in November for some upcoming shows and music video.

Since our last interview, I have also started working on an EP! It consists of 5 brand new songs, showing off a whole other side to me and my artistry.

It is set to release before the end of the year, with the lead single called “Exes” to be released in advance.


Keep up with Anke Richards on her website and every streaming platform available. You can also get updates on Youtube and her Instagram. For booking and inquiries, please contact Dante Lattanzi at


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