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Anjelika Washington from "Tall Girl 2" Does Cast Superlatives

In the sequel to the hit Netflix movie, Angelika reprises her role as the comical, fashionable, and creative Fareeda Marks.

In the sequel to the hit Netflix movie,  Tall Girl, Angelika Washinton reprises her role as the comical, fashionable, and creative Fareeda Marks.
Photo: Netflix

Tall Girl 2 premiered February 11th. How has your character, Fareeda, has changed since the first movie?

Fareeda has some self growth in this second film, for the first time we see her doubt herself and overcome her own insecurity.

Do you relate to your character? Why or why not?

Oh absolutely. Fareeda takes chances and believes in herself even when the results aren’t exactly what she wanted. I think I have a lot of courage and belief in myself too.

What has been your favorite part about being in the Tall Girl movies?

The cast! I absolutely love working with them all. Each person is kind and fun to be around. It makes the working environment a blast!

What is something most people don't know about you?

Hmmm, I really love musicals and theatre. I have a dream to go to NYC and watch every show on Broadway and off Broadway. I also have a dream to be in a play on Broadway one day!

As a young actress, have you faced any challenges? What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

Yeah, I think being so young in the entertainment industry we are all still growing and changing. I’ve learned to find my tribe of people (and thank God I did) and that has been the part. They genuinely support me and celebrate my wins the same way I do for them.

Is there another actor that inspires you?

I honestly have so many inspirations, but Regina King takes the cake. She’s an incredible actress, director, and producer and those are all the things I also wanna do!

This is a fun quick game of Tall Girl 2 cast superlatives! Please put the cast member below that best fits the category:

Funniest on set: Griffin

Best dancer: Ava

Friend for life (off set): Ava & Sabrina

Always stays in character: JL

Best dressed: Clara

Always late: None, we're actually very punctual (:


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