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An Ode to Powerful Women Everywhere

When my insanely talented, awesome, wonderful woman editor gave me the opportunity to write this piece I have never felt so honored to honor the women in my life. Women are a staple to a working society, and we totally deserve more credit than it is given. Women can be and do anything and that is what every woman I’ve ever met has showed me.

I have been empowered by so many women throughout my life as I’m sure all women have. I’ve been empowered by women who raised me, women who left me, and women who I’ve never even met but have touched me with their art. I’ve been bestowed the greatest honor which is being a woman. We have our challenges, but we always come out stronger. Women run the world, and I have never been so grateful than right now to be a woman. To all the women who have empowered me, given me strength, given me, life, love, happiness, and most importantly have taught me lessons. This is for you.

My Mother



The woman who has given me life

You are the strongest woman I have EVER encountered

The most beautiful person

My genetic make up might be 50% of you

But my whole personality is because of you

You taught me not to give up on love

Fight for what I believe in

You made me into a big sister and that is the greatest part of my life

And I have you to thank for it