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All the Fashion Trends I Want to See in the 'Sex and the City' Reboot

And just like that… 2021 is already better than 2020 with the revival of SATC coming soon.

Anyone with a passion for fashion knows that aside from magazines and designers, one of the driving forces that inspire fashion trends are characters on TV shows.

And the most iconic and stylish character that comes to mind is the always classy Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie gave us effortlessly chic looks that are still relevant today. She paved the way for so many resurfacing trends. Let’s all take a moment to pay tribute to some of those iconic trends the OG Ms. Bradshaw gave us.

1. The Statement Headband

Source: Pinterest

2. The Casual Tutu

Source: Pinterest

3. The Oversized Blazer

Source: Pinterest

4. The Drop Shoulder Dress

Source: Pinterest

My expectations for the upcoming fashion in the reboot are as high as when I order cauliflower pizza expecting it to be as good as when I studied abroad in Italy. They aren’t always met, but I will definitely be coming back for more.

But there are some expectations that I hope are met, including these current trends that I need to see on the characters, strutting through the streets of Manhattan:

1. Animal Print

Animal print is always a statement, with new fads from zebra, to cow hide, and snakeskin trends circulating in the fashion community, I would expect nothing less from Carrie Bradshaw, but to see her take over this bold look.

2. Croissant/Baguette Bag

NYC girl meets Milano chic? Si! From Italian fashion brand, Bottega Veneta, emerged the biggest bag trend of 2021, the croissant bag. This style is the epitome of classy street wear, and it would only be fitting to see it on the “and just like that” cast.

3. Leather Pants

The clothing piece that can level up any outfit from basic to sophisticated in seconds, leather pants. I would love to see this look on a female powerhouse attorney like Miranda. Serving justice, kicking fashion ass, and taking names.

4. Sage Green

Sitting at her desk, drinking a cup of Irish coffee, I can see Carrie in a matching, work from home, sage green set. Of course all while writing her next article on dating during a pandemic.

5. Dramatic Puffed Sleeves

Want to become the “main character” of your life? Wear puffed sleeves. This dramatic, eye-catching look would only fit Carrie Bradshaw.

6. Sweater Vests

Light academia, tennis court chic, just hopped off the boats from the Hamptons, this trend screams Charlotte.

Whatever trends are going to appear on the upcoming reboot, they are sure to go beyond your wildest fashion dreams. What do you hope to see your favorite SATC characters wear?


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