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AJR Drops “I Won’t” in the Final Stretch of the OK Orchestra Tour

AJR's new song "I Won't" is a magnetic addition to your summer playlist.

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Adam, Jack, and Ryan make up the iconic brothers group that share their first-name initials. They have been working since they were young boys, singing on the streets of New York City, and now create and release music with billions of listeners with their four albums, Living Room, The Click, Neotheater, and OK Orchestra. Their top hits include “Bang!” which was no. 1 in Pop Airplay on Billboard, “Weak,” “Way Less Sad,” "Sober Up," and “Burn the House down.”

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As AJR became popular, fans like myself did a deep dive into their music and found something quite extraordinary. AJR is responsible for a cacophony in each and every song. Natural instruments are layered atop synthetic recordings for depth; the rhythm and tempo build, creating urgency for the chorus; their lyrics are unique and anecdotal, and especially cool: AJR takes inspiration from real sounds around them.

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While in the audience of the OK Orchestra tour in Forest Hills, NY, the brothers explained that a chorus from one of their most iconic songs “Weak” was taken after laborious hours listening to a baby screaming in the apartment upstairs. Their musical brains switched on, and they took the pitches of the crying child and created a top hit.

This particular tour is also known for the words “Do Not Push,” placed on a large red button both before the concert and after. Adam Met uses this button to describe what his OCD and anxiety feel like, creating an inclusivity and emotion that fans crave in both celebrities and their music, as talking about things that affect so many makes the experience more authentic.

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Their creativity, color, and enthusiasm are infectious and now, they have announced another song titled, “I Won’t,” will be released July 29. This song was teased on their Instagram but played in full on OK Orchestra Tour and recorded by a few very enthusiastic fans. The lyrics suggest the idea of going against the current of custom and expectation, refusing to do things just because everyone else is. From what we have heard so far, the song is full of sound and imagination, which is not a surprise for AJR.

Photo: Twitter

Currently, the AJR brothers finish the last stretch of the OK Orchestra Tour, starting in Australia and ending in Poland after a hugely successful US Tour. We are very excited for “I Won’t” on July 29th, expecting that punch, color, and depth they are known for!

Maybe, if we are lucky, a new album is in the making.


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