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A Guide to Our Newfound Obsession with Film

Why are we so obsessed with disposables and film cameras? There’s a lot more than trying to be like David Dobrik.

David Dobrik can be attributed with starting the trend of using disposable cameras, as he used them fairly often to take candid pictures of his friends. However, this trend snowballed into the glamorization of film in general. What once could have been considered a dying art is now trendy and desirable. Many people crave the aesthetic of film, which is why many people- including myself- have spent hours looking for the perfect picture or video film cameras.

We appreciate this aesthetic, because in a world of perfection and things happening instantaneously, we have perfectly imperfect memories that take time to develop. My friends and I say it’s like a little surprise once you get your film back because you never really know what’s going to be on there.

In this case, old is new for the better. Utilizing film is allowing our generation to be candid and not be so perfect on social media all the time. When trying to decide whether or not you want to join this trend, it can be overwhelming as there are so many options.

As someone who loves film, I am here to help you navigate the world of film for this trend.

For Cheap and Quick options:

If you are looking for the “vibe” of film, but don’t want to spend too much money, and would like your pictures back quickly, I suggest using a film camera app. Huji, 1888, Dispo, or Dazz are all great options, and it depends on what “look” you’re going for.

  • Huji and 1888 are the most similar, as you just download the app and take your pictures.

  • Dispo is similar except you have to make an account, where you can share your rolls or keep them private. All of these essentially use one camera style.

  • Dazz uses a variety of cameras both for picture and video, and you can even use the app to edit pictures you have taken from your phone camera. The only downside is you have to have a paid membership to save the pictures.

These options are best if you do not want to have to carry around a camera, as you have one right at your fingertips. The above picture was taken using Dispo. and all of these apps give you the aesthetic of film right on your phone!

For a Classic and Easy option:

You can always rely on a trusty disposable camera, or a polaroid. These options are so easy, as you can just snap a quick picture, and let the camera do the work. Two of the most popular disposable cameras are Kodak and Fuji.

Kodak produces warmer pictures, whereas Fuji is cooler, and has a slightly better flash. They both produce great quality pictures, however, so it just depends on which you like better. Both disposables are roughly the same price, but with Fuji, you can buy more in bulk. The above picture was taken using a Kodak disposable film camera.

For a polaroid, Fujifilm Instax is the best. These options are best for spontaneous photo sessions, candids, and just wanting to look like a baddie on film.

For Point and Shoot Film Cameras:

For those of you wanting to explore more into the film world, point and shoot are the best options, as you don’t have to fiddle with camera settings all that much. If you are someone who is a frequent disposable camera user, this is definitely a better option, as they essentially serve the same purpose, but you save money by buying film instead of an entire camera. This is also a more eco-friendly option as you are not throwing away a camera after you finish the roll of film. The above picture was taken by a friend using a Minolta SRT 102 film camera.

There are plenty of film cameras, but the trick is knowing where to look. You of course can go to a camera store or even Amazon, but there are loads of new thrift accounts that are strictly for the buying and selling of cameras. RetroCameraShop on Instagram is a UK based option, and they are always selling cameras for a reasonable price.

An online film developer, Z41 Film, also often sells cameras although not as frequent as the camera store. Also thrift stores in general have a lot of technology sections where you can browse for a camera. Lomagraphy and B&H Photo and Video also sell some varieties of film cameras, although they are more often likely to not be a point and shoot.


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