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A Fashion Editor's Reaction to the Sex and the City Reboot Promo

A fashion editors review on what we’ve seen so far.

Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City reboot exclusive photo.
Photo: HBO

Hang on to your Lady Diors and Birkin bags because Sex and the City is getting a reboot. It was announced in January of 2021 that the series would have a reboot coming to HBO. The new series titled And Just Like That, stars all of the original cast other than Kim Kattral.

We can all agree that the most interesting aspect of this reboot will be the FASHION.

A new promotional photo was released, and I believe it’s a good indicator of what to expect for the cast’s wardrobe.

Instantly the first thing that comes to mind when seeing this photo is, this is going to be a very different series from the original. Not only because it’s a much different time period since we’ve last seen these characters (2004), but this new wardrobe says it all.

I have to admit I’m not impressed with this wardrobe lineup so far. The clothing in this photo could easily pass for an Old Navy or Banana Republic ad campaign. The clothes are lackluster and I feel that the wardrobe is influenced by modern standards of style.

By “modern standards of style” I mean the new wave of relaxed or oversized clothing that harkens back to the early 2000’s.

The clothing chosen for this photo doesn’t really do justice to the idea of “uptown women”. Carrie Bradshaw (center) lives on the Upper East Side, but this outfit is giving West Village vibes. Miranda’s outfit (left) looks as if she’s on vacation in Saint Tropez, and does not embody the independent lawyer who lives on the Upper West Side that she is. Charlotte’s outfit (right) is the only look I can say fits her aesthetic. I do believe it's a step down from what she was accustomed to wearing in the original series.

Overall, I would have liked to see more tailored and structured silhouettes. My advice to the stylist would be to stay true to the Upper East Side chic aesthetic. That aesthetic can be attained even in today's movement of “lax” streetwear. If I were the stylist for the series, I would run straight to Virginie Viard’s Chanel or Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent.

Though I can say I’m willing to keep an open mind about the series. It’s very possible that these characters are going to live very different lives and their clothes may reflect that.

Only time will tell.


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