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A Fashion Editor's Reaction to the House of Gucci Promo

A fashion editors review of what we’ve seen so far

Source: MGM

Calling all Lady Gaga stans, mother monster has made her return to the big screen. Gaga is starring in the new film House of Gucci taking on the role as Patrizia Reggiani, an affluent, Italian, socialite married to Maurizio Gucci the then head of the Italian fashion house Gucci.

The film follows the marriage and divorce of Gucci and Reggiani and later leads to murder. The films release date is set for November 24, 2021

Naturally, upon hearing of the films production and cast my first thought was “what will the films wardrobe look like?”

When the trailer for the film was released, I rushed over to Youtube to view it. I was immediately impressed with the music chosen for the trailer, they chose Heart of Glass by Blondie. I could not think of a better song choice for the trailer, as the song is a reference to “a lost love”.

My first thoughts on the clothing were “now this is style!”

As the trailer started Gaga walks out in an ensemble that could be considered the epitome of 80s style and refinement. She wore a candy apple red day dress, along with a mink fur coat and dark black sunglasses. This ensemble is classified to be classic old school Gucci, REFINED ITALIAN LUXURY.

Source: Pinterest

Since the film is based in the 80s, lots of the clothing harkens back to a lot of 80s heavy trends such as cable knit turtle necks and stacked jewelry.

Gaga released a photo on Instagram of her and co-star Adam Driver in character as Reggiani and Maurizio.

This photo screams 1980s, I love the connection between Driver and Gaga in this photo. The photo asserts the idea of “love” which makes it hard to believe the claims that Reggiani had Maurizio assassinated.

The trailer never lets you forget the film is based in a wealthy Italian setting as it repeatedly showed clips of Italian chateaus, lavish gardens and grand Italian architecture.

As a whole I can conclude that i’m impressed with House of Gucci so far. The classic approach to its wardrobe selection immediately grabbed my attention. I applaud the stylist used for the film. Sophisticated, elegant and refined is how I can describe the clothes worn throughout the trailer.

I’m anxious to see what the film will bring upon its release.


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