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8 Things Every College Student Does, but Shouldn't Feel Embarrassed About

Below are the things that I believe are the most embarrassing things that we all go through at least once in our college student lives

1. Walking into the wrong classroom and realizing that it's the wrong class after it started

This has happened to so many of us, especially on the first day of school. We're all anxious about the class we're going to and then…Bam! We walk in and take a seat. Everything seems normal at first. More and more people show up and sit down. If it's the first day of class, usually no one speaks to one another, so it's already so awkward.

Then the professor walks in, and they begin to write stuff on the whiteboard or pull up something on the computer. Then they begin to introduce the class and then you realize.

"OH SHIT!", not only are you late to the class you're supposed to be in but now you have to be that person to get up from this class and leave. This is quite an embarrassing thing to happen, but just know that it happens to all of us.

No need to feel bad about it at all! In fact, the next item this happens to you, have fun with it!

2. When you email a professor that you won't be in class and they happen to see you just before it starts or right after it ends

This is probably one of the most uncomfortable things to happen in school history.

I'm sure we've all been there, though. One day, we really need to skip class for an "emergency," A.K.A. meeting up with the sexy fuckboy next door… Well, whatever your reason may be, make sure you leave the building before you send the email.

There is nothing worse than telling your teacher that "I'm sick in bed" or "My car broke down" and being caught in your lie. You feel like y