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5 Things to do your freshman year of college

A big sister’s advice to her younger sister for her freshman year.

Source: Pinterest

Little sister,

After a summer of planning and organizing for your first year away at College, the time is drawing near for you to embark on this new journey.

It’s around this time when you start to look for answers on how you’re going to deal with your first year. You're excited, but you may also be experiencing some anxiety, as most do, when leaving home for the first time. Here’s some life lessons and tips that I wish someone would’ve shared with me before I headed to college. You can refer to them as Freshman do’s and don’ts.

  1. If your roommates suck, guess what? You're stuck with them!

You will quickly learn that if you don’t like the way things are going at college, you can’t call mom or dad to fix it.

Take your roommate situation for example.

Unless it’s an extreme situation, if your roommate sucks, you’re stuck with them for the year. One thing you can do is get acquainted really fast with others on your floor so at least you have other outlets outside of your room who you can hang with in the communal spaces. Also, claim your space. You have an entire campus to roam and enjoy but we all need a space of our own to go back to at the end of the day so claiming your space is crucial. When you are far from home that tiny space on the left or right side of the room becomes your lifeline. This also let’s that sucky roommate know that just because you guys aren’t a good fit, doesn’t mean you are going to let her run you out of your own room.

2. Explore your college town