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5 Female Fashion Designers to support during Women's History Month

It’s women’s history month and to celebrate all the groundbreaking women paving the way for all of us, I’m sharing my favorite female fashion designers. While I love anything from Dolce and Gabbana or Ralph Lauren, these women led brands blew me away with their dedication to their craft.


Markarian is a luxury women’s wear fashion brand ran out of NYC. You may recognize Alexandra O'Neill’s clothing brand, Markarian, because she dressed First Lady Jill Biden for the Presidential Inauguration this year. I am in love with Markarian’s dresses, they are romantic, whimsical, colorful, and so flattering. Follow them on IG: @markarian_nyc .


Lirika Matoshi

Remember the cult favorite strawberry dress from summer 2020? That was Lirika Matoshi! Everyone from online clothing shops to Walmart have shimmied through the fashion food chain to adapt their own version of this era defining dress. I fell in love with this brand years ago and have always admired their fun and playful style. One of my personal favorite pieces from the brand is the clouds knit sweater. Follow them on IG: @lirika.matoshi for dreamy fashion inspiration.

Source: @lirika.matoshi on Instagram

Soru Jewellery

Soru jewelry is a female led brand with 88K followers on Instagram selling intricate and decorative jewelry. My personal favorites are these dazzling green and crystal earrings, that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. According to their website, Soru means sisters in sicilian, which is a very important word to the two half english, half sicilian sisters that own and run the brand. Each piece is ethically handmade in Italy or Turkey using gold plated sterling silver and semi precious gemstones. Follow them on IG here @sorujewellery and shop their eclectic pieces here.

Source: @sorujewellery on Instagram

Paloma Wool

You can thank paloma wool for the inspiration behind boohoo’s latest drop. Their psychedelic inspired dress has created an entire trend around the painting-like aesthetic of this look. This female led brand taps into my favorite part of the 1960’s clothing, with bright, fun colors and funky, yet flattering patterns. Shop their groovy looks here and support a women centric company by following them on IG: @palomawool .

Source: @palomawool on Instagram


Maison Cleo is the perfect mix of street wear and pretty girly colors and silhouettes. With sweater vests on the rise, I have been checking out this scottish knitted wool vest. Their puffed sleeve sweaters and bold bright colors make me want to get dressed and go out everyday even if it’s just to Trader Joe’s. Follow the brand on IG: @maisoncleo for the best cool girl street style.

Source: @maisoncleo on Instagram

These female fashion designers crafted unique pieces with dedication and hard work. Support these brands and all the other amazing women fashion designers out there as a way to honor women’s history month.


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