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14 Things You Should Stop Giving a Fuck About

Ways to live your life so you’re not constantly wasting your time and energy

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1.) Rejection: stop eye fucking that person and make your move already!!!

2.) Opinions: ignore criticism from anyone who you'll never see again after graduation because they're irrelevant AF.

3.) Weight Fluctuations: embrace your post-quarantine body. That might mean finally having abs, or it might mean you gained some weight, but both are OKAY.

4.) Impossible Standards: don’t compare yourself to people who get liposuction (aka 99% of the celebrities you're stalking online).

5.) Acting ‘Properly’: do absolutely whatever makes you happy- regardless of what that looks like to other people.

6.) Being Too Spontaneous: remind yourself that you’ll only be this young once, then live each day accordingly.

7.) Spoiling Yourself: whether you're moping after an impossible test, or celebrating an incredible promotion, go buy yourself something nice!

8.) Enjoying Self-Care: take pride in caring for yourself. For me, that includes weekly bubble baths with a face mask and wine (just ask my housemates LOL).

9.) Single Life: date yourself. Go to dinner alone and just sit with your own thoughts. Self-love first babyyyyy.

10.) Being Unconventional: eat cupcakes for breakfast or dye your whole head blue if that's what you want.

11.) Insecurities: every week you should blast your hype song and dance around the house naked [one of my favorites: Bad Chick by SoMo]

12.) Failure: constantly try new things and if something turns out to be a huge disaster, oh well! Try something else and move on.

13.) Toxic People: wave them goodbye and stay on track.

14.) Vulnerability: be transparent with the people you want to really know you.

QOTD: Have you ever truly asked yourself, what do I want?

Quit that shitty job, dump the boyfriend only your parents wanted, and stop doing what you think you're expected to do. Fuck it.

It’s okay to do things for yourself.

It's okay to grind at work for months and then take a day off to lay on the beach.

It's okay to skip a morning workout to sleep til noon.

It's okay to stay up all night binging on Netflix.

At the end of the day, do what makes YOU happy and fuck the rest of it.


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