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10 Tips To Make You Hotter and Find Your Inner Confidence

As told by a former pageant queen

Beauty is subjective. Can most of us agree that Harry Raftus and Margot Robbie are hot as fuck? Of course. But some claim they are overrated. I have been called adorable and ugly. I have been told I have a phat ass and I’ve been told I’m just fat. But after years of being a self-proclaimed DUFF, I realized the only reason people didn’t see me as hot was because I had ZERO confidence.

Until I started competing in pageants...

Pageantry made me so much hotter solely because I GAINED SO MUCH FUCKING CONFIDENCE. I trained for HOURS every day in preparation. And slowly… I became as confident as an actual beauty queen. THAT is when I realized - being hot is a mindset. You don’t need a nose job to be a bad bitch. The only thing you have to do is CONVINCE people you’re hot.

Here's how...

1. Always stand and sit straight

Posture makes a world of a difference. Stand up straight, chest out, chin high. You will look a hell of a lot better and you will look so much more confident. You’re not meant to be hidden in slumped shoulders.

2. NEVER put your head down when you walk

Going along with posture, you never want to put your head down when you walk. Did you ever see Regina George put her head down while walking down the halls with the plastics? NO. People with confidence always keep their heads up; it’s a visual sign of self-esteem.


This one I CANNOT stress enough. People are attracted to positive people.

Those who are truly confident in themselves are positive influences on themselves as well as others. Smiles draw people in. So stop pouting and force a smile if you have to. You’ll be more attractive, I promise.

4. Dress to Impress

Look good feel good. I LIVE by this statement. Who doesn’t feel confident in a

cute outfit? People are very easily manipulated, and if they see a cute, hot, or sexy outfit, they will automatically assume YOU are cute, hot, or sexy.

5. Don’t be afraid to be alone

THIS. This is such a bad bitch move. Being okay with being alone means you are okay with yourself. This makes you more attractive.

6. Be passionate

Passion changes your face. I'm serious. Have you ever had a conversation with someone about something they're super passionate about? Their eyes sparkle, they’re smiling uncontrollably, and you can feel the positive vibes. Showing passion gives you such an attractive energy.

7. Tell your reflection exactly what you want to be

It sounds silly, I know, but literally every time you wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are a hot bad fucking bitch. Be your own damn hype man. Doing this every day may result in the development of a god-complex, but honestly, life's more fun that way. If you think of yourself highly, others will too.

8. Eye Contact

BABE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS DOES TO PEOPLE. Especially guys. Eye contact SCREAMS confidence. Sometimes even dominance. Your eyes can say a thousand words if you use them right. Take it from me… an entire fraternity knew me as, “dangerous eyes” my freshman year.


Okay, this one is completely optional BUT HEELS WORK WONDERS. You wanna feel like a bad bitch? Invest some time and learn to walk in heels. And yes, I mean LEARN. Anyone can walk in heels, but only a HOT BADDIE can walk well with skinny skyscrapers on their feet.

10. Don’t Judge

This one may be the most important. Confident people don’t judge others or themselves. This is a level of self-worth and maturity that is just SO hot.

I, and the many boys who never paid attention to me in high school who now fill my Snapchat, have seen me become a thousand times hotter because I used these 10 things to fall in love with myself.

Act hot and you’ll become hot. As my mom always told me, fake it till ya make it. And no, I don’t mean in bed.

“Confidence is the most attractive thing in any person. Seeing other people being full-heartedly in love with themselves inspires not only me but anyone they are in the room with” (Ava Howard, Miss American Jr. Teen 2020).


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