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10 Things You Should Know About College if You Weren't the Coolest in High School

The jump from high school to college can be tough, but what’s even worse is filling your mind with irrational college fears and expectations. So here are 10 things you should know about college, even if you weren’t a “cool kid” in high school.

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1) Everyone is feeling what you’re feeling on move-in day

The butterflies and the jitters. Bearded 300-pound football players helping you carry your TV as you trail with your parents like a child. It’s move-in day and it SUCKS. It’s full of weird feelings between you and your parents, awkward introductions to your RA, and stiff conversations with your new roommate.

But you need to remember, this is not exclusive to you. Every one of your peers is in the same shoes; they’re just as embarrassed and nervous as you. It’s completely normal to worry when you first step on campus, but really, there is no need. Just think of the upcoming parties and 2 A.M. stumbles at home that awaits you.

2) It’s impossible not to meet new people

It can be a big struggle trying to talk to new people on your floor or on campus, trust me, I’m awkward as fuck.

But, I made friends by just existing. College gives you a much greater sample size than high school. You are bound to find people with similar interests on campus. Even if you’re interested in nothing, I bet someon